June 15, 2014

Enigma - Such A Shame - ft Sandra Cretu (VideoMix)

December 21, 2012

3 Things

Only someone who truly loves you
understands 3 things from YOU:
-the pain behind your smile
-the love behind your anger and
-the reasons behind your silence ...!!!

Solo quien te quiere de verdad
comprende 3 cosas de TI:
-el dolor detras de tu sonrisa
-el amor detras de tu rabia y
-las razones detras de tu silencio...!!


Why so much sadness lurks under those beautiful eyes,
LIFT UP your eyes to heaven,
and see how DARK goes with your sorrow,
the SUN no longer shines,
TEARS falling from above
Look at the birds in the tree,
and their SINGING is not heard
only SILENCE and their bright colors is FADING
Tell me, beautiful girl how I can restore
the SHINE to your eyes,
to SMILE again,
so the SKY shine with
the SPLENDOR of the sun
and the BIRDS sing again ...!!!

Por que esconde tanta tristeza bajo esos ojos hermosos
alza tu mirada al cielo, y mira como se oscurece con tus pena
el sol ya no brilla, lagrimas caen desde arriba
Mira los pajaros en el arbol, ya su canto no se escucha
solo el silencio queda y sus brillantes colores se desvanece
Dime nina hermosa como devolver el brillo a tus ojos para
que vuelvan a sonreir, para que el cielo brille con el
esplendor del sol y los pajaros vuelvan a cantar...!!!

December 19, 2012


There in Gaza ..
Where death is not as seasonally rain ..

Of overlooking you dry wells ..
Of empty oxygen tubes ..
Of the weeping windows  ..
Of lighthouses shattered ..
Of roads congested with blood ..
Of vibrant oppression walls ..
Of empty wardrobe ..
Of children's toys scattered ..

Death in Gaza is never sudden ..
But life there comes suddenly..!


I stood in the hands of the interpreter of dreams
I told him: sir, I saw in a dream
I live as human beings
And from around me humans
And my voice in my mouth
In my hands a food
I walk and no one tracks the effects of my feet.
Then shouted me afraid:
This is taboos, my son
You ridiculed of the fate ..
O my son, sleep when you sleeps.